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Hi, I’m Lynn Mac and welcome to my website. There are no coincidences in life, only synchronicities, and I’m glad you’ve found yourself here, in alignment with me in this present moment.

I am a professional Irish Psychic Medium & Healing Facilitator & my services are available worldwide.
Since I discovered my gifts, I have embarked on the journey of my souls purpose to be and do for this world & the next, what I can to bring peace, clarity & healing into the lives of others.

Signature Sessions

Have an insightful experience like never before. I offer a wide range of services tailored to your specific needs. Sessions are available worldwide, one on one via zoom video call. The work I do transcends space & time, giving you the ability to have a unique experience from your own home.

Soul Discovery – Psychic Aura reading

We as physical beings often go through life unaware of our spirit & souls true voice, presence and understanding of our non physical aspects and how it drives our physical experience.

Fortune Telling – Psychic Tarot reading

An insight into your day to day physical concerns & the energy around it (past, present, future,/ love, home, career)

Mediumship – Connect with the spirit world

The spirit world is all around us, and they want to connect with you! Passed loved ones, friends, even pets that have passed may join our session.

“Mediumship is not about grief, but about life. Realising the soul, their earthly identity & unique personality still lives on beyond the physical body is a beautiful gift. The spirit world are quite entertaining, full of evidence of their own eternal existence in this life and the next and even provide knowledge of our own lives that they are aware of after death. It is a pure & heart warming experience.”

Distance Quantum Healing

Experience energetic healing at the quantum level.

Manifesting workshop

This personal manifestation workshop, we look at your blockages, beliefs, and underlying thought processes, choices and experiences to date, in relation to the areas of your life you want to change or improve.

Spiritual Coaching

This will have advised me upon booking the area of life you need insight & coaching on, be it love life, business, career special projects etc.

One on One Mediumship Development Mentoring

Understand & develop your mediumship senses and abilities, practise one on one in a safe learning environment with a mentor. Sessions will vary and include practise.

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Lynn what can I say it’s true that something or someone comes into your exactly when you when need it and boy did I need it. Everything you said made so much sense, I learnt so much too. You are truly amazing at what you do you really are. I was so nervous before hand but honestly, I could have sat there all day talking to you. It was like I have always know you.
I feel lighter and can actually see things clearly (it feels like I was under water and I’ve just come up to the top).

Lynn’s readings have literally been the reason why I started to make changes in my life to set up a business and live my dream life. Her readings are so much more than a psychic reading, its life coaching on a spiritual level. They help you see patterns you can’t see to make the change you always wanted. I now go to Lynn nearly twice a year and after every reading my life is propelled forward. I’m forever grateful to have crossed paths with Lynn and highly recommend anyone to book in and take her guidance on board.

Lynn you are amazing. You give so much to everyone but know that every word you say is appreciated beyond words. You are helping people on a different level than just delivering a service. Can’t thank you enough for your kind words. You’re changing lives.

I recently had a reading with Lynn. I found her manner very warm and inviting. She immediately puts you at ease and is very professional dealing with sensitive issues. Lynn is passionate and made sure I was happy all my questions were covered before out consultation ended. She speaks with such motivation and a genuine sense of interest and compassion. Thank you Lynn for bringing me such peace of mind.

I want to say such a genuine thank you Lynn. You're such a special person and your talent & gifts are absolutely phenomenal. I don't know if I'll ever truly have words to describe what happened today but just know I'm so thankful!

My Reading with Lynn was so in-depth and clarified so many things that were coming up for me that I needed guidance with! It’s so healing when someone can see exactly what you are going through. The reading is so relaxing and Lynn really creates such an open atmosphere that you feel fully connected. Some of the things that came up really spoke to my soul in ways I can’t even put into words. Thanks again to Lynn. It’s exactly what I needed.

Lynn is gifted beyond belief. Compassionate, empathetic, in tune & on the ball. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the world around me Lynn. You've given me such confidence, knowledge & wisdom. Two readings with you has literally changed my life! You are truly gifted and straight to the point but so gentle & kind with your words.

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