Compassion Key® is a simple yet powerfully effective tool used for personal transformation and healing inner wounds of the past & present. It can help to assist you in detaching from a life of repeating patterns & cycles, allowing solutions to manifest easier in your life.

Compassion Key® is founded & created by Edward Mannix, on the premise of self-directed compassion being the key to releasing you from internal & external conflict, helping you embrace the highest version of yourself, freeing you from long held wounded parts & karmic imprints which are distortions in your field of reality affecting you in your life.

Compassion Key® provides a space for you to uncover your own unique imprinting, communicate with those wounded parts and re-integrate for communion of your whole being in the present moment & going forward.

I have been trained and certified as a Level 1 practitioner in Compassion Key® by the Founder Edward Mannix himself and I am on the way to becoming a Master Practitioner & Circle leader in this modality, deepening my commitment to myself & others who align with me on this path.

It is with my greatest pleasure to be able to bring this tool to you & facilitate you on your own unique journey.

More about Compassion Key®

As with all issues & problems that arise in our lives, there are underlying causes that we have experienced early on or taken on in the form of beliefs, conditioning, treatment from others, traumatic experiences etc. that we can push down, accept, ignore or try to move on from.

These unconscious & conscious imprints still affect us in our present life and can continue to affect us in our future experiences.

Most people are not aware of the impact these wounded parts can have in their present, and on their potential future.

This leads to people re-living and re-expressing the wounded parts version of reality, rather than the present self they are and wish to be, without distortion. Much effort can be made to ‘try’ to be the opposite of what was, meanwhile being pulled back by a force greater than their conscious intent and effort that feels inescapable – the unhealed, wounded & distorted parts.

Compassion Key® also provides a unique space for forgiveness, of others & of the self. Every living person carries around with them guilt, shame remorse & regret which can greatly impact their wellbeing and ability to have a fresh start. Compassion Key®, without judgement & providing a safe space, can help you move forward with love.

Compassion Key®, unlike widely experienced energy healing, gets right to the bottom, the root layer, and can assist you to release the old and re-establish new foundations for not only your energy but your whole entire being.

Examples of things that can be distorted in your field that are affecting you can be;

– The amount of love, acceptance & validation you received and how you received it.

– The view you hold of yourself & how you feel about yourself.

-Guilt, shame, remorse & regret about your past choices and actions.

-Traumatic experiences, witnessing and being a part of.

-Rejection, abandonment, betrayal.

-Self-sacrifice, self-sabotage, self-punishment & having been sacrificed, sabotaged & punished.

-Your self-worth, how worthy you feel of having the life you want & how deserving you feel of it.

-Conditioning, values, beliefs, believed responsibilities & ways of seeing the world.

-Outside influences such as ancestral, religious and cultural expectations & conditioning.

-Notably, in an ever-expanding collective agreement of reality because of advances such as social media and the World Wide Web, seeing and adapting to things through not only your eyes but the influential eyes of others – can be affecting you to the point that you also experience the same distortions as others that have no placement in your own personal life, desires and goals.

FAQ’s & Pricing

FAQ’s & Pricing

FAQ’s & Pricing

FAQ’s & Pricing

FAQ’s & Pricing


How do I know what’s affecting me? Do I need to know before I start my Compassion Key® journey?

Compassion Key® provides the space for the things at the root of your own being to not only be brought into your awareness, but also receive compassion for them and be brought into a new light for re-integration all in the one process so you do not need to be fully aware of the root issues in order to start. All you need to know is what areas of life in your present there are issues around, and potential future fears/blocks you want to work on.

How many sessions will I need?

Each persons situation & ability to transform is different & unique to their own journey. When we do a session, we are building within a container for bigger transformations, internally and externally in your world. It is recommended to commit to a package of sessions, of which you are committing to your own container building and likely transformations. Single sessions are available on the premise of if you wish to have one experience first or as add on sessions after a package is complete. On initial consultation before proceeding, a recommendation will be made to you, bearing in mind as you go through the process, you may become aware of more areas you wish to work on that can be added later. Your own financial circumstances may also be a factor in your commitment to your own transformations and package that you choose too.

When will I see results?

Compassion Key® can never guarantee specific outcomes, results or specific timeframes. Some may experience a breakthrough after just one session, which is all they want and need and are satisfied with, and others may unravel layer by layer combining subtle shifts. Not all breakthroughs will result in an external shift & may be internal changes. Internal and external shifts may be substantial or subtle over a period following a completion of a package, and for others, it may reveal more areas they want to work on and continue their journey beyond the initial package. Those who use Compassion Key® must use their own discernment on what feels right for them. There is a large satisfaction felt among Compassion Key® clients across many practitioners and participants to date.

What are my obligations?

Your obligations during Compassion Key® facilitation is to remain consistent to your own journey, be willing to commit to yourself, your wellbeing, your sessions and the self you wish to be. You must be willing to face your resistance, your shadows, your long-held opposition of beliefs that prevent you from being in communion with your highest self, and lay down the barriers and beliefs you have built around yourself and allow your vulnerability and wounded parts to come forward, but not lead from them after you have addressed them. You must be willing to release yourself from victimhood, what has been holding you back and instead be willing to let go with love and acceptance and move on to a new chapter. To transform, you must also be willing to acknowledge the parts you played & choices you made in certain life scenarios that you wish to be released from, understanding full trust, non-judgement & support is all you will receive from your Compassion Key® facilitator. All that’s needed is an open heart, and a willingness to participate fully. Holding back will result in an incompletion in your process. Your life, choices, and healing journey preceding, during and following on after Compassion Key® work, is your own responsibility & you must provide yourself with anything else you may need on your journey such as professional medical or psychological advice and/or treatment. Ensuring you have the personal and professional support you require. Compassion Key® is not intended to replace or provide these functions but provide the facilitation of self-directed compassion in a deeply introspective healing process designed to accelerate your progress on your path of personal growth and wellness, of which you may choose to combine with others methods and modalities as you see fit. Compassion Key® facilitation may be what leads you to the next important step in your own journey, as part of the shifts you experience.

What can I expect in a Compassion Key session?

You will play an active role in each facilitation on the complete guidance of your Compassion Key® Facilitator through the whole session. You will be guided through each part of the process, with compassion.

How do I sign up & what are the terms?

Fill in the booking form provided with as much information on your current situation, what you wish to work on etc. Whatever package or number of sessions you choose, please note upon completion of booking, payment is required in full, and is non-refundable. All sessions must be used by you, cannot be exchanged or refunded for another service or monetary amount, and cannot be transferred to another person. This enables you to commit to your transformation in whole energetically. You have 12 months to use all your sessions, they don’t all need to be scheduled at once, and a pre-booked sessions can be rescheduled with 24 hours’ notice, no more than once. Numerous requests for reschedules will result in your sessions being lost. You must ensure you schedule & try to use your sessions well in advance of the 12-month mark, as multiple sessions in a small amount of time cannot be guaranteed, based on the facilitators schedule which may be booked months in advance at a time. You must read in full, agree & sign off to full disclaimer before embarking on your journey, this is a pre-requisite requirement & you are fully responsible for ensuring you do this in good faith.


Pricing for Compassion Key® services. Secure your spot today. For payment terms & conditions, see FAQ’s above. Each session lasts between 1 hour 15 mins to 1 hour 30 mins max.

Deposit of €30 per session upon booking, incl. packages i.e. for a 3 session package, deposit is €90, & balance is due 48 hours before we commence our first session. No refunds available on any part or full payments, sessions must be used in timeframe provided in FAQ’s.

Single session – €130 inc VAT

3 Session Package – €360 inc VAT (€30 discount)

5 Session Package – €600 inc VAT (€50 discount)

10 Session Package – €1050 inc VAT (€250 discount)

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