Voucher Booking Terms & Conditions

Voucher recipient must book an appointment to redeem voucher/service purchased.

All services are conducted by appointment, by private one on one Zoom video call, only, with the recipient present and are not available/redeemable in person. No exceptions.

Services are provided by prior appointment, which recipient must make themselves with the contact information provided and are subject to regular/current waitlist of the service provider/business at the time. In case of high number of requests of voucher bookings at any one time, only two overall voucher appointments are available/redeemable in any one calendar week. Should this occur, you will be offered an appointment at the soonest availability. Appointment should be made at least 3 months before voucher expiry date or an appointment may not be available until after expiry and voucher will no longer be valid or redeemable. Business hours are 11-6pm Monday to Friday only, and appointments are available during these hours only.

Regular change of appointment terms and conditions apply, if the service provider for any reason must change the appointment at any time, for example because of illness, it will be changed to a time & date at earliest convenience for all parties. If recipient needs to change the appointment time/date for any reason, this will also be accommodated, with notice. If recipient does not show up for appointment without reasonable notice, there will be no alternate appointment given and it will be considered redeemed and invalid. Only one reschedule will be offered, if deferred more than once, voucher will become invalid.

Voucher is only redeemable once & cannot be exchanged or refunded for monetary value. Voucher service ‘type’ has been decided by the purchaser of the service, however you can change the service type for another, as long as it is for a service of equal or lesser value only. As this is energy work, if for a rare unforeseen circumstance that the energy for chosen service is misaligned on the day, quantum healing will be offered instead as it is Universal and always available.

Voucher is redeemable via voucher number, and it is recipients’ responsibility to ensure it is not redeemed by anyone other than intended party as it is redeemable once only. No exceptions.

If for any reason the business closes or there is a halt to services before the voucher is redeemed no refunds will be given and voucher cannot be redeemed and is therefore rendered in valid.